Return On Investment (ROI)

We ensure a stable, reliable system that will operate for many years, and we approach your project based on proven experience and solid engineering. We possess the skills, knowledge, passion and ambition to make your project successful, and have a model for your project that aims for a low payback time. The performance of the project is a product of time, resources, scope and environment, and one cannot be changed without taking the others into account. RAS-CON helps you get the full 360 degree overview.


Our in-depth RAS knowledge offers you a unique position when you have a new project in mind. We will help you set the tone of a high performing RAS. We know what equipment you need, how to dimension it and what it should cost. The scope must be precise and your suppliers will know we look their offers through. We do not ask for overcapacity because it is not in the scope. If the plant has overcapacity you have paid too much for your project. A clear scope simplifies the project and enables us to work efficiently to your benefit.


We know that project resources are often scarce, thus investing money and labour must be done wisely. We work dedicated to keeping your costs down and values up. Are you fully funded? Have you thought about grants?


Time is an essential factor. We help you get time-control by setting goals, deadlines and making plans that work. The full project payback time will be shorter, the sooner your project is completed.


Your customers are a part of communities with firm opinions regarding ecology, carbon footprints, antibiotics and environmental impacts. They want certified, clean products leaving the environment as good as unaffected. Thus we believe that radiating a green and responsible profile is more paramount than ever, and this could be your cue to excellent branding possibilities and good storytelling.
Where should your future project be built … on land? Fish can be produced anywhere – even on land, all the way from egg to fully grown. We will help you build a future-proof RAS, and urge you to read more about our Future Green solutions.