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Leading RAS technology

RAS-CON founders has more than 35 years of hands-on experience within all aspects in relation to designing, building and running Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and have been responsible for delivering many of the most successful RAS projects world-wide.
Many RAS projects have and still can go wrong. With RAS-CON as your project partner, you will benefit from our world leading consulting knowledge and minimise the risks involved significantly. We know of the most, if not all, pitfalls in relation to RAS projects.
We will assist you in developing your idea into a successful RAS project while delivering you the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).


I am one of the very first commercial RAS farmers in the world. I started the building process of my first farm in 1982 for rearing European Eel. This have benefitted me and my companies with hands on knowledge in operating, designing and building RAS. The combination of being an entrepreneur and fish farmer has resulted in a unique and loyal customer network. I know what the customer wants, because I have been in their shoes and still try to forecast what their future needs will be. My knowledge in RAS spans from A – Z, within all the aspects required from idea to sales of the finished product (fish), species database for production plans and dimensioning of RAS, design and pricing for delivery of a turn – key RAS, production cost analysis, P&L cash flow analysis, fish sales channels and methods. Furthermore I have been granted a few equipment patents for use in fish farms.
3 children
Born 1 July 1961
2020 …
Executive Chairman & Co-founder RASCON A/S
CTO & Co-founder AquaCon AS
CEO, founder and shareholder of RAS|CON A/S
RAS|CON A/S is a client advisor and consultancy company within Land Based RAS for the fish farming industry worldwide.
2013 – 2015
CSO and shareholder of Aquatec Solutions A/S
2004 – 2013
CEO, shareholder and founder of Aquatec Solutions A/S
Aquatec Solutions A/S supplies custom made solutions to the fish farming industry worldwide.
2000 – 2004
CEO, Shareholder and founder of Cimbria Aquatec A/S
Cimbria Aquatec supplied Closed recirculated systems worldwide.
1991 – 2000
CEO, shareholder and founder of the DIAT Group of Companies
Production of Turbot and Eel in recirculated systems and added value processing for the European & Japanese marked. Development and sales of recirculation production technology and systems for volume fish production. Joint Venture with English, Japanese and Danish businessmen.
1983 …
CEO, shareholder and founder of Danish Pikeperch ApS, Randboel
Oldest commercial closed recirculated fish farm in the world, producing eel for the consumer marked. Since 2002 the company has produced Pikeperch and later changed name from Amhedegaard Åledambrug A/S to Danish Pikeperch A/S. Responsible for production development and enhancement, farm development and expansion.
RAS – CON A/S 2018
Skodborg Dækservice A/S 2007
Amhedegaard Holding ApS 2007
J & O Holding ApS 2004
Danish Pikeperch ApS (Former Amhedegaard Aaledambrug A/S) 1983

Aquatec Solutions A/S 2004 – 2015
Cimbria Aquatec A/S. 2000 – 2004
DIAT Group of Companies 1991 – 2000
Danish Eel Farmers association ca. 1984 – 2000
Agriculture and Aquaculture Farmer
Professional level in oral and written Danish and English
Basic level in oral and written German

Plant/RAS design
RAS operation
Staff training
Production optimization
Research & development

Key account managing
Close customer realtions
Quotation calculation
Proven plant sales record
Competitive analyzation
Selected references from passed work experience:
Ragnar Joensen, Former CEO Marine Harvest Norway
Sady Delgado, CEO Los Fiordos (AgroSuper), Chile
Pål Haldorsen, Former Regional CEO Marine Harvest region West Norway
Nils Ole Klevjer, Smolt Station Manager Marine Harvest Nordheim
Ole Kristian Wilmann, Technical Manager Marine Harvest Nordway
Johan Toftegård, Smolt Station Manager, Marine Harvest Laxa, Faroe Islands
John Richmond, Fresh Water Manager Marine Harvest Scotland
Philip van Dijk, Production Manager Cermaq, Norway
Andrés Bozzo, Owner of NovoFish Chile
John Helge Innerdal,, Owner Blåfjell, Norway
Andrew Robertson, CEO FishFrom, Scotland
Jakob Drivenes, Farm Manager, Harding Smolt, Norway
Alan MacDonald, Farm Manager, Lochailort Marine Harvest Scotland
Kevin Chillman, Infrastructure Manager, Petuna Aquaculture, Tasmania
Ross Briggs, Former Production Planner, Huon Aquaculture, Tasmania
David Cahill, Former General Manager Aquaculture, Huon Aquaculture, Tasmania
Knut Hustoft, Former Smolt Station Manager, Vågafossen, Norway
I am the oldest Son of Ole Enggaard Pedersen, and was raised on one of the worlds first, closed recirculated aquaculture systems. Growing up on a farm meant all members had to contribute. Naturally the first job I have had was working on the “farm”, and that sparked my fascination for the combination of technology and alive animals.
When working with live fish many things can go wrong, and the right knowledge and technology will help you navigate around the many pitfalls. Being part of the operation at young age made me learn the daily routines and the importance of consistency. From my professional life I have gained a wide experience within engineering and project management. On this basis, I have designed slaughterhouse equipment, made production layouts with focus on functionality for the operator, product design, prototyping, serial production with full documentation (specifications, industry standards, drawings, quality assurance and verification). I have learned not to over-engineer but instead deliver what is needed and by analyzing a certain situation, it is possible to break it into small pieces, which then can be solved by technology. When solving the challenge, it is often beneficial to look further – maybe a higher capacity is needed and is the design then still appropriate? I have proven my skills within design, documentation, both specifying and reviewing. I work analytically, seeks answers and work dedicated with making responsible solutions.
Born 28 January 1988
2020 …
CEO & Co-founder RASCON A/S
CTO, founder and shareholder of RAS|CON A/S
RAS|CON A/S is a client advisor and consultancy company within Land Based RAS for the fish farming industry worldwide.
2014 – 2018
Product designer and project manager Poly-Tech A/S, DK
My work areas were product development, specification & design, define and setup the production, quality assurance and performance tests. I drove the projects and made sure our customers received the products they wanted.
Engineering trainee, KJ Industries Member of MPS, DK
A company developing and supplying machinery and handling equipment for pork meat slaughterhouses.
Bachelor of Mechanical engineering at Aarhus University
Professional level in oral and written Danish and English
Basic level in oral and written German

Product and machine development, design and verification.
Industrial Materials (plastics and metals)
SolidWorks CAD
Finite Element/Strength calculations
Project Management
Product Data Management (PDM)
Fabrication Knowhow
Systemizing Engineering Processes

The RAS|CON Story

Ole saw his mission

At the age of 21 Ole converted his dads, Vagner Pedersen, old farm named Amhedegaard into a Recirculated Aquaculture System (RAS) with the purpose of producing Eel (Anguilla anguilla) for consumption. The fish farm was named Amhedegaard Aaledambrug (Eel fishfarm).
The 25 ton/year RAS Ole bought, was one of many small RAS builds in Denmark in the early ‘80s, and as they only produced 30-50% of what the RAS supplier had promised, Ole saw his mission in starting designing his own RAS, inspired by Per Thuesen and other good people capable of thinking out of the box.
A test-system was build, and after a few years the original 25 ton/year facility was rebuild with Ole’s new design and technology, and only after a few years the same fishtanks then produced way over 100 ton/year.

During his early startup he learned many things and always tried to optimize the production in developing the RAS system. It was not unusual that the alarm went off every night, when sensors detected a wrong vitality level (oxygen, water og pH value). The daily sleep deprivation boosted Ole’s motivation for developing more stable and reliable systems.
When looking at commercial RAS’s running in the late ‘00s the RAS of Ole “Amhedegaard Aaledambrug” was probably the oldest commercial RAS in the world with nearly 3 decades of farming Eel and Pikeperch.
Ole started his first EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) company back in 2000, where the technology was very new to the market, and it was first when he founded Aquatec Solutions that the time was right.
Aquatec Solutions turned out to be one of the best performing suppliers of fully integrated RAS and became a very interesting company for larger companies to acquire. By the lead of Ole, 100% of the shares in Aquatec Solutions was sold to AKVA group in Norway on September 30th, 2015.

Introducing David

At a very young age, Ole’s oldest son of three, David, started helping his father on the farm. From grading, feeding, cleaning bio-filters to packing fish on ice.
The fish farm was a big part of the family life and everyone took part in operating it – especially Ole’s brother, Jørgen, with whom Ole shared his businesses for about 20 years. During the holidays, friends would come to earn some money as farm hands and have a good time.
After Davids High school period he went to Tasmania to help build a RAS plant in Ranelagh and was hired by a Aquatec Solutions customer, Tassal. This gave him knowledge about the building process, and he lived there for 6 months.
It was a great time – being 20 and living on the other side of the Earth, learning a new culture, making new friends and experiencing a whole new nature. David knew that one day he would work with technology, and all decisions he has made since then, has led him to this.
After the exciting and maturing journey, David studied mechanical engineering at Aarhus University and a took the opportunity of studying one semester in Innsbruck, Austria, where he got to work with strategy and change management. After graduating he worked 4 years with wind turbine technology as both Discipline Engineer as well as Project Manager.

Back to the roots

Our company, RAS-CON, is a mixture of in-depth knowledge in everything from building the idea, engineering, layouts, tender material, funding and grants, operation support and optimization of existing plants. We both believe in the technology, and all the good things it can bring. We also believe the full potential of a RAS has yet to be achieved, and we will help our customers to achieve them.
Going back to the roots, RAS-CON has been started where it all began more than 35 years ago on the family estate Amhedegaard.